STRONGER Leadership Program 

STRONGER Leadership Program  

 Aim: To teach transferrable life skills through team sport on & off the pitch.  

 The STRONGER Leadership Sports Program is a ten week program designed to incorporate key focus learning areas with soccer training sessions for girls between the ages of 10-13. The program highlights the importance of intrapersonal and interpersonal skill development such as leadership, communication, mental health & wellbeing, role models in sport, empowerment, nutrition & community engagement with the love of sport & active participation for all. With the STRONGER Leadership Sports Program being an important factor in increasing participation and breaking down barriers in our sporting teams; KICK4LIFE looks forward to seeing continual growth in Community Clubs and beyond.  

 Number of sessions: 10  

 Delivery method: Discussions, practical activities, guest speakers & written work.  

Key Partnerships: Talk Out Loud 

Key Focus Areas:  

  1. Leadership  
  2. Communication & team building 
  3. Mental Health awareness   
  4. Body image & nutrition  
  5. Role models & barriers in sport  
  6. Empowerment & self confidence  
  7. Resilience & attitude   
  8. Community engagement