Sponsorship Program

Since starting Kick4life Sports Ashlee has received an influx of enquiries regarding sponsorship for children. The enquiries always come back to a child in need of support, so they can participate in one of our programs. These children all have different requirements and come from varying backgrounds, but the constant theme which confronts us everyday is the fact that without sponsorship & support these children miss out. Our sponsored children include (but is not limited to): 

  • Children from low socio economic families and/or settings 
  • Children from DV families 
  • Children suffering from trauma 
  • Children with learning or behavioural issues 
  • Families with multiple children (3,4,5+)

Kick4life Sports is dedicated to providing every child with an opportunity to participate in our programs or coach education course, regardless of their situation. We work actively in our community building relationships, collaborating with businesses & highlighting awareness around sponsorship opportunities. All our sponsorship funding goes directly to our children’s registration fees, ensuring they have the opportunity to participate in our term based programs, as well as having access to uniform, equipment & any other resources necessary. 

A huge thank you to the following businesses who are current sponsors of Kick4Life. Your sponsorship has provided over 25 kids with opportunities to participate in our weekly soccer programs and holiday programs.

To sponsor a child or to find out more information please contact Ash on 0409955165 or ash@kick4lifesoccer.com.au