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Younes Boudis – Content Developer & Program Coordinator 

Home Country: Morocco

Coaching Qualifications: FFA/AFC “C” License (Achieved in Switzerland J&S Diploma C & D); Coaching Professionally since 2016 in Switzerland and Australia

Football Career: I have played competition football since primary school. I reached Third Division for the Region. I also played competition Handball, reaching Second Division for the region in Morocco. When I moved to Switzerland, I played 5th Division in Zurich. Since moving to Australia, I have played socially.

Football Team: Liverpool in Premier League and Real Madrid in La Liga

What do you like about coaching?
I like to share my love of football with players and especially to see them develop their skills and improve over time.
Best advice you could give a child about playing sport?
This is a big topic, but I will try to be brief enough:
Sport is all about trying your best and having fun and being happy!
So to achieve that let the children to choose the sport they want without interference from anyone, let him/her try several types of sports until he/she chooses his/her favourite one, and know that the ability to make such a decision will be a source of happiness for them.
What have you still got to learn to become a better coach?
From my perspective, the coach is always in the process of learning, but there are cases that make you see excellent coaches. To achieve this, you must do the following:
– Good listening to the others
-Patient, as he gives the apprentice time to complete his work in the best way.
-He can recognize the weakness and strengths of the individuals he is training, and be honest and upfront with them on these aspects.
-Creative, as he is able to create new ideas and methods, and search for good solutions that will lead to better results.
Where do you see football in Australia going in the next 5 years
It’s great that Australia and New Zealand will host the Women’s World Cup in 2023- this will be a big promotion of the game in Australia and of Australia. I hope Football Federation work closely with professional and community clubs to make it a positive for football in this country.


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