Our Principles


  • To provide a relaxed atmosphere for children to come and learn some new skills, make friends and enjoy their team sport.
  • To provide Leadership and Resilience opportunities.
  • To develop skills and techniques for children regardless of their previous experience and athletic ability.
  • To educate and empower all individuals through sport.
  • To ensure kids are being active through a supervised, well managed environment.
  • To develop personal and social confidence in children through team sports.
  • To provide match awareness opportunities through small sided games.
  • To improve awareness, mindset & attitude towards health and fitness in children of all ages.
  • To provide positive role models (our coaches) to guide children in their learning on & off the field.
Kick 4 Life’s Philosophy
Kick 4 Life’s Philosophy


Motor Skills – ball skills and technique, physical fitness,

Cognitive Skills – strategy, mental focus and commitment, intuition, problem solving

Personal Skills – social interaction, confidence, positivity and resilience, leadership

Player development

  • Equality for every individual in all aspects.
  • Skill development through training and matches and a different key focus every session.

Teamwork, respect and inclusiveness

  • To teach transferable life skills through team sport on and off the pitch.
  • Building friendships and a sense of inclusiveness through team sport.
  • Creating a respectful environment for everyone involved.

Fun and safe playing environment

  • Create a safe place for all involved.
  • Highlight the importance of fun and player satisfaction.
  • Community created friendships.


Personal Development

Team sports allows individuals to grow their inter-personal and intra-personal skills. Learning areas include leadership, teamwork, confidence, communication, and social interactions. Positive role models are provided to encourage and empower the participants on their learning journey.

Skills and Tactics

Developing skills and decision making through out every session. Participants are continuously encouraged to practise the key focus areas including dribbling, positioning, passing, shooting, receiving, tackling, juggling and heading. We encourage all individuals involved to actively participate in making decisions and taking control of their own learning. They are provided with a safe environment in order to be able to ask questions without judgment.

Community Engagement

Our programs focus on providing affordable sessions in order to allow individuals from all socio-economic groups to participate. We encourage all participants, coaches, and families to be continuous and active contributors in our community.This is achieved through other programs we offer such as Referee program, Soccer Mums Program, Community club Development Program Stronger leaders’ program (in collaboration with Talk Out Loud), and coach development programs.

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